Alvarez & Merino, Property Administrators

More than 25 years administrating Communities of Property Owners

We are a Company located in Malaga who focus exclusively at the administration of Communities of Property Owners. We have an over 25 years experience working in the field of management and administration of Communities.

Our main aim is to guarantee your security and tranquility through a professional and transparent working system, with a direct and continuous communication with the neighbors.

Our office is composed by two property administrators who belong to the official Community Administrator Association in Malaga. Our administrators  are licensed in the Legal field therefore can provide a high quality level of  service complying to all legislation involced such the Horizontal Property Act.

¿Necesita obtener un presupuesto para la gestión de su comunidad de vecinos?

Le ofrecemos sin compromiso un presupuesto adaptado a sus necesidades.


Rely on us all the administrative necessities of your Community.

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Legal services

Control of customer, documentary preparation, for the exercise of legal actions in claim to defaulters

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Accounting and economic services

We completely manage the entire accounting of your community.

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Fiscal and Economic

Elaboration of payments and taxes to the Treasury, forms 110 and 190.

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